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Removable core cloth pads

I might be onto something here. After meeting up with my dear childhood friends when I was in China for my sister’s wedding. I was very happy that one of my childhood friend shown interest in cloth pads. The problem is in Macao China, the washer and dryer are combined and the drying option only dried up to 80%. So she needs to hang them up anyway. To make her a stash and ship it all the way there, I’m thinking what is the best way and least amount of washing and pad carrying? I think maybe removable core. I drew up a 9″ slight flare assymetrical patter and a 11″ pattern of the same shape for night time. Then went fabric hunting….. Not that I don’t have enough, but I just have to check out walmart’s session. Came home with some cute fat quarters ! First try I made Minky top, which I messed up big time while turning and top stitching so that is not going to China. I made another set with cotton top. Woohoo! Hello good looking!  

I was so happy that I got all that made with just one fat quarter! Well I used zorb core and flannel back for all the cores and you know lots of snaps. But hey I would say it’s pretty good looking. Now I’m thinking to make 2 11″ shells (one for me and one for her) and 4 cores (2 for me and 2 for her). Then the rest of her kit will be several more hidden core moderate and heavy. If I have time I may make some liners. But what do you guys think? Is there actual demand for this top of pads? 

Feel free to comment and if you are reading this because you wanted it made. Contact me, I can do custome orders 🙂 I have lots of prints to make you happy! 


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