A little about me

For those of you who do not know me in person, here is a little something about me. My name is Loretta , I am a working mother, wife, daughter, sister, chef, seamstress, nerd, etc. During the day I have an office job, doing office/accounting work. Outside of work, I am a chick with many hobbies and interest, painting, cooking, sewing, gardening, fishing, etc. I am also known as TheDIYchick (so I called myself) on my blog (http://khaleesib.wordpress.com). I started sewing in 2012 when my husband and brother in law got me into cosplay. I have made several costumes, props and couple of costume commissions for others. Those who know me, I am known as the Baroness, Female Punisher and Madam Hydra – I am like a nerdy villain. I stopped going to cosplay conventions when I got pregnant and retired from the spandex wearing villain job and had turned my time into painting. Recently I discovered reusable pads from etsy when I was really looking for nerdy diaper bag for my son. That got me to unbox my sewing machine, pull out my fabrics and started sewing again and it has turned into my new addiction. On top of pads I also made baby blankets, bibs, swaddles and other cloth products. However for cloth pads, it is just like shoes and purses, we all want variety, different colors, different prints for different occasions.. and yes I know nobody really see them but myself. I bought TONS of fabrics and I definitely do not need THAT many pads for myself BUT I like sewing them. So I created this group, to share with you ladies. I will post ready to ship pads on my facebook group at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rumpboxgroup

first before they hit etsy to give you all first dip if you find something you like. I am also opened for custom orders and will work with whatever pattern you like. However please know that I do have a full time job and I only have time to sew after my king (my son) hit the hay. I may not have stocking as often as other shops, but do know that I am always open to custom orders and will not deliver you something I will not buy for myself (and yes I am very very picky). I also created this blog which I update my sewing projects of all period related stuff periodically.

Thank you very much for your time. Now you know a little bit about me


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