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Dr who themed mini stocking 

Dr. Who mini stocking now available at

Flat rate shipping $3 for USA! Will ship worldwide. Don’t forget coupon code SUMMER2017 for 10% off!

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Rumpbox will be joining cloth pad shop! 

Effective 5.15.2017 we will be joining cloth pad shop at ClothPadShop.

Stay tuned for themed stocking coming up!

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New stockings added! 

Check out new stockings added to rumpbox online store! Click on the shop link! Don’t forget to take advantage of the Mother’s Day sale coupon code!!

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Earthday giveaway!

The wait is over! It’s finally here! Yes I finished this pad last night so I can give it away to celebrate Earth Day! To win this baby. You must join my Facebook group, comment on the giveaway post.  

*USA participants only 

Cloth pad spec:

10″ moderate absorbency 

Cotton top

Flannel core (4 layers) 

Windpro back 

2.5″ snapped width

7″ wing to wing

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April 2017 SALE 15% off

April 2017 sale has started! with coupon code APR15OFF, you will get 15% discount on all items thru RUMPBOX etsy store. Sales ends April 30 2017. Dont miss it!

Make sure you enter the coupon code at checkout. Do not send me a private message of the coupon code after you have finalized the purchase.

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My new design

I’m very proud to announce that I have created a new pad shape and I have just put it to the test on my heavy bloody day….. It’s a 2-3 piece pattern, not my favorite to make but my current favorite to look at cause it’s quite cute. It reminds me of a little angle 🙂 now these are only 10″. I have actually made couple of 8″ liners with the same design a while back but let’s just now show those pics cause I tried to do fake serge look and I didn’t like it. Anyhow, here are how they look and I’m going to make some overnight ones to try… Hopefully for my next period. I’m also going to start offering this pad for purchase…. Very soon. 


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New pad shape 

So I have been participating in a pad swap group and I have created a new pad shape , trying this out with my swap partner. I’m also going to try offering this shape in starter sets. I do like this shape, sewing is a little bit faster since there’s no curve and less prone to mistake. However I have got mixed reviews on the shape, some people like it some people like the curves… I’m only thinking this may work on sets because the starter set will be slightly cheaper and therefore I must make them faster not to discount the stitching work on it at all.  

 What do you all think? The above pads are 12″ moderates that I made for the swap. First time using this new pattern. I like them but again…. I like almost anything I made by myself lol.