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Memorial Day weekend sale

Memorial Weekend sale! Hey readers! I am going to do a memorial weekend sale. From 05.26.2016 till 05.30.2016, get 10% off all items with coupon code RUMPBOX1 at Minimum purchase is $8 to use this coupon code.

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Preparing for Valentine themed pads

This is what I have been working on. 4 different Valentine prints. It’s been a busy week with work and weekend with family and friends and it was not easy to squeeze in some sewing time but I did some sewing and proud to show you guys some progress pics. I do plan to adjust the pattern a little bit for new ones I will be making since these ones are extra flare and visually they look kind of wide. However I made a patchwork pad with the same pattern and used it myself and it felt fine and great with the flare coverage. What do you think of the pattern and the prints??

  Obviously they still need to be worked on. The turning flap needs to be closed and top stitched plus snaps. I am quite happy with how they all turned out especially with the wavy decoration stitch used for attaching the core. Well off to bed and will continue tomorrow… 

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Never make just one 

Whenever I get my head into making pads, always make several at a time. With an assembly line, one night for pattern drawing and fabric cutting, one night for core sewing, one night for attaching core, and one night for stitch- turn- top stitch and snaps. This is the life of a working mom with a full time job and many hobbies which sewing is one…. Here are 7 cores I just finished sewing, cutting and then zigzagging the edges to keep it thin and flat. I cannot wait to finish this project but it’s really late. To be continued tomorrow….