Cloth pad, Eco friendly

PUL backed and windpro backed pads available

These are what I have been working on. They are available on Facebook group first before they are listed on etsy.  

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My new design

I’m very proud to announce that I have created a new pad shape and I have just put it to the test on my heavy bloody day….. It’s a 2-3 piece pattern, not my favorite to make but my current favorite to look at cause it’s quite cute. It reminds me of a little angle ūüôā now these are only 10″. I have actually made couple of 8″ liners with the same design a while back but let’s just now show those pics cause I tried to do fake serge look and I didn’t like it. Anyhow, here are how they look and I’m going to make some overnight ones to try… Hopefully for my next period. I’m also going to start offering this pad for purchase…. Very soon. 


Cloth pad, Eco friendly

New pad shape 

So I have been participating in a pad swap group and I have created a new pad shape , trying this out with my swap partner. I’m also going to try offering this shape in starter sets. I do like this shape, sewing is a little bit faster since there’s no curve and less prone to mistake. However I have got mixed reviews on the shape, some people like it some people like the curves… I’m only thinking this may work on sets because the starter set will be slightly cheaper and therefore I must make them faster not to discount the stitching work on it at all.  

 What do you all think? The above pads are 12″ moderates that I made for the swap. First time using this new pattern. I like them but again…. I like almost anything I made by myself lol. 

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Valentine rumps

These are done! 1 of each print! Total of  4 prints to choose from or get one of each! They are so cute!!

Not only are they pretty. All are top with pretty cotton, back with super dupa soft microfleece and the core is 2 layers of diaper flannel and one layer of organic heavy bamboo fleece. Hidden PUL extended all the way to the wings. Good for regular to heavy days depending on your flow. These are available on Rumpbox at Etsy

Facebook page and Rumpbox group on facebook.

Cloth pad

Never make just one 

Whenever I get my head into making pads, always make several at a time. With an assembly line, one night for pattern drawing and fabric cutting, one night for core sewing, one night for attaching core, and one night for stitch- turn- top stitch and snaps. This is the life of a working mom with a full time job and many hobbies which sewing is one…. Here are 7 cores I just finished sewing, cutting and then zigzagging the edges to keep it thin and flat. I cannot wait to finish this project but it’s really late. To be continued tomorrow….