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Rumpbox will be joining cloth pad shop! 

Effective 5.15.2017 we will be joining cloth pad shop at ClothPadShop.

Stay tuned for themed stocking coming up!

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New stockings added! 

Check out new stockings added to rumpbox online store! Click on the shop link! Don’t forget to take advantage of the Mother’s Day sale coupon code!!

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Cloth pad, Eco friendly

Starter set

Long story short, I have put together a starter set (5piece set) as shown in the pic. It is a good start for new cloth user and although it is cheaper to get a set, it will be all of the same print. I am pretty much buying fat quarters doe this. I will be offering my usual assymetrical pattern wih curved ends as well. In the pic there is 1 13″ overnight, 2 10″ moderates, 2 light/liners. What do you all think? If you are interested, look for Rumpbox closed group on Facebook and check out the fabric prints available for starter set. 

  And definitely message me for pricing. Right now only 13″ comes with hidden PUL but PUL can be added to moderates as well for a small up charge. 
Enjoy your period! 

Cloth pad, Eco friendly

New pad shape 

So I have been participating in a pad swap group and I have created a new pad shape , trying this out with my swap partner. I’m also going to try offering this shape in starter sets. I do like this shape, sewing is a little bit faster since there’s no curve and less prone to mistake. However I have got mixed reviews on the shape, some people like it some people like the curves… I’m only thinking this may work on sets because the starter set will be slightly cheaper and therefore I must make them faster not to discount the stitching work on it at all.  

 What do you all think? The above pads are 12″ moderates that I made for the swap. First time using this new pattern. I like them but again…. I like almost anything I made by myself lol. 

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Preparing for Valentine themed pads

This is what I have been working on. 4 different Valentine prints. It’s been a busy week with work and weekend with family and friends and it was not easy to squeeze in some sewing time but I did some sewing and proud to show you guys some progress pics. I do plan to adjust the pattern a little bit for new ones I will be making since these ones are extra flare and visually they look kind of wide. However I made a patchwork pad with the same pattern and used it myself and it felt fine and great with the flare coverage. What do you think of the pattern and the prints??

  Obviously they still need to be worked on. The turning flap needs to be closed and top stitched plus snaps. I am quite happy with how they all turned out especially with the wavy decoration stitch used for attaching the core. Well off to bed and will continue tomorrow…